~*~ Moving On ~*~

  Failure to correspond leaving high and dry in a desolate dry pond. Leaving to wonder why ask for help? I often ponder. Make no mistake, this won't happen again; I would never ignore the help from a friend.   [Picture-Google Images]            

~*~ Free At Last ~*~ (Extended Haiku)

  Premature heartstrings pulled stronger before common sense, now I'm alone. Taken for a fool abused all my emotions thank God you weren't cloned. I'm free from turmoil your manipulative ways, Broke free from decay. Feel sorry for your next victim, no warning screamed "Beware of Bastard!"   via Daily Prompt: Premature [Picture - Google... Continue Reading →

~*~ Tossed ~*~

Not too long ago, you said you loved me so. Making love in silhouette a moon aglow... Orgasmic break the great escape. Discarded splinters of me left to bleed. Diminished insecurities, tears that shed.   [Pictures provided by Unsplash.com #1 Alejandra Quiroz #2 Sam Burris]      

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