“First Snow 2019” (Tanka)

  "First Snow 2019" (Tanka)   first snow of the year winters mini glaciers form, glassy lake crackles too soon for skating, must wait for a colder day.   BC 2019 Picture Credit: Google Images Lake Weamoconk, English Town, NJ.

“If Only” (Tanka)

"If Only" (Tanka)   brisk late autumn eve crocheted covers to our chins, dreaming of you near. soothing candles scent warms us, romantic eve planned.   BC  2019 Picture Credit: Shutterstock      

“Rid The Rain” (Tanka)

  "Rid The Rain" (Tanka) dreary rainy day warmth under crocheted blanket, scented candles lit. Sunday's greyish skies obscure, behind closed curtains.   BC 2019 Picture Credit: Giphy    

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