The Daily Four Season 1, Game 6

The Daily Four Season 1 – Game 6 Question Fun Directory Welcome to The Daily Four! Today’s Questions to the Readers are…. What are you truly passionate about? Have you ever experienced or suffered from writer’s block? Are you happy? Do you ever experience stress? My Answers:   What are you truly passionate about?  Me... Continue Reading →

🙏 Wednesday Affirmation 🙏 (Abrupt)

  Good Morning All, Happy Hump Day to you! Back at the beginning of April, I found out my Medicaid and insurance was abruptly terminated without even a notice mailed to me.  I panicked and started making phone calls immediately to rectify the situation, as I need medical insurance.  However, the people that I was... Continue Reading →

~*~ Blurb ~*~

    A wrecking ball of random thoughts, raw emotion smashing keys pure explosion; chained in the realms of my mind. Seeds sowed with passion weeds plucked and pulled, words still tangled adrift, and floating inside my head. Betrayal of my mind; distant and stuck in time if only for these words could collide instead... Continue Reading →

November 30, 2017: So Much To Do!

Good Morning Everyone!!!!    I hope all of you are doing well today.  Happy Friday Eve (Early addition), Today, I have to attend my "Peace & Progress aka Anxiety Group", then from there run errands.  Funny thing about having to still live a life outside of the Blogosphere, I actually feel guilty for not being able... Continue Reading →

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