“Bell Tolls Silenced” (Poem)

Β  Tears of disbelief as we watched Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in roaring flames. Β A thirteenth-century iconic structure of beauty now a shell of skeletal remains. Our hearts bleed of crimson as "Our Lady" jewels melt away, her bell tolls silent as we come together to pray.Β  πŸ™πŸ’— This unfolding news is one of which,... Continue Reading →

~*~ Belong to Shadows ~*~

    If only you could return to me, my love and beloved, without you here I belong to shadows. Evenings deep, dark and empty days long and heavy with no meaning. Meandering through time where I belong to shadows. As if a prisoner held and chained, here I have remained. A soul vacant of... Continue Reading →

~*~ This Way ~*~

  Chained within these prison walls held captive feel the strain inside the crevices of my own brain, ticks away the minutes of waiting for the time; sorrow to dissipate sanity thriving for normalcy, just for one fine day simply play outside of the bipolar mind yet for eternity I will always be this way.... Continue Reading →

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