The Monday Peeve #12 – 12/2/2019

Hello, All!  Each Monday, Paula, of "Light Motifs II", post her series, The Monday Peeve, which is one of my favorite series on Monday.  Why? So simple an answer...Let that shit go!  Just get it all out of your system and start the week off fresh. UGH!  That white crap is falling from the bleakest of... Continue Reading →

January 2018 Blizzard

First blizzard for 2018...   Wind Gusts up to 40MPH, howling louder than the dog. Snow swirling left to right; Started in the middle of the night. Cars pull out of the parking spaces, the blacktop soon erased. The whiteout conditions hinder your vision, such fast accumulations. Swoosh to the left, now to the right,... Continue Reading →

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