Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change

Hello, My Blogging Buddies! Take a look at this picture above.  Do you ever feel like you're going mad with all that is happening around you?  The feeling of overstimulation, frustration, annoyance, and irritability?   Yeah, me too.  All of us seem to go through moments of calm, then BAM!  Your world all of sudden comes... Continue Reading →

A Collaboration By Beckie of “Beckie’s Mental Mess” and Kristian of “Tales From The Mind of Kristian” ~ The Creation ~ The Final Piece

Picture Credit: Unsplash ~ Nick Owuor   Last week I collaborated on a poem with Beckie, of Beckie’s Mental Mess and it worked out beautifully. We kept passing the poem between us, each adding a couple of lines. If you want to read the final result click on the link below: https://talesfromthemindofkristian.wordpress.com/2019/07/21/in-search-of-happiness-a-collaborative-poem-by-beckie-of-beckies-mental-mess-and-kristian-of-tales-from-the-mind-of-kristian/   This is... Continue Reading →

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