🌼 Working on Me 🌼 ~ Self-Help

Hello, to All!  Happy Hump Day!   Today, I wanted to touch on Strength.  And, no, I'm not speaking about my upper body strength.  I mean the type of strength to overcome, and/or face the day to day obstacles. Strength: We don't always have to be strong to be strong.  My strength began when being at my most... Continue Reading →

~🤗~ Repeat After Me ~🤗~

Hello, All!  We all need a little pick me up, and I came across this wonderful affirmation for everyone.  I myself will not be repeating that I'm sexy because I'm the furthest thing from that.  LOL!  Just remember that you are fantastic! Take Care & God BLess, Beckie 🤗

~*~ Thursday Affirmation ~*~

There are times when I cannot shut my mind off to all the worries and negative thoughts of what's bringing me down, that's when I have to start positive self-talk to get me through the rough patches in life. Beckie   [Affirmation source Pinterest]

~💗~ Wednesday Affirmation ~💗~

There are days when I beat myself up over not being good enough, not getting things done when I want to or just plain being down because of my depression.  Today, I choose to just go easy on myself and practice self-care & self-awareness to my needs, but most importantly, be kind to myself. Beckie 💗... Continue Reading →

~*~ Monday Affirmation ~*~

I wish for this, I want that, I want it when I want it now!    What I want and when I want it is not up to me.  I have to have to practice patience.  It's not my timing, it's God's timing.  All good things come to those who wait.   Beckie       [Affirmation source:... Continue Reading →

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