S.Y.K. – So You Know Series

S.Y.K. So You Know is a series that goes live each and every Monday (well 95% of the time). It’s a series intended to bring the reader closer to their favorite bloggers. To participate is simple. Create a post on your site answering the week’s questions OR post your answers in the comment section below.... Continue Reading →

🤩March 29, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts

~*~ "Sure, there are several times my frustration gets to me, and I curse like a drunken sailor - But, this is also behind the scenes. 😁  I try to maintain a good attitude no matter what situation may arise." ~ Beckie Cutler ~     Quote Credit: Brainy Quotes and Me, Myself & I

~ Intentions ~ (Poetry)

~ Intentions ~   The weakest words that one can hear are not what you might mention. Perhaps you've said those flimsy words but had good intentions.   Good intentions never said I love you or got the attention of someone dear. They don't know what you meant to say or believe that you're sincere.  ... Continue Reading →

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