“New Existence” (Poetry) Kira’s Scribbles, FOWC – Authority, One Daily Word Prompt – Karma

"New Existence" (Poetry)   After that fateful day when the¬†authority figures caused our doomsday, the ones that remained chose to rebuild our planet one in which we could all sustain We partnered collectively, each with an assignment and created a new environment effectively Unanimously we agreed that¬†karma would never disrupt our new establishment, and we... Continue Reading →

~*~ 9/11 Remembrance ~*~ (Poetry)

  Seventeen years have passed since that fateful September day; A time in which, where Heros were made. Many of innocent lives lost, many more tears had fallen and were swept away. Individuals brought together by sorrow and pain... A nation of people banned as one, and the clean up had begun. The evil that... Continue Reading →

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