Today, life has to take place…

Hello, and Good Day to All of YOU! I wish I could spend the entire day here like I did yesterday, but I have to tend to several errands and tidying up around the house.  Hopefully, I'll be back a little later to try and read more than writing.  There simply isn't enough hours in... Continue Reading →

~*~ The Author ~*~ (Poetry)

  The Author   you are the poem I always wanted to write you are the story that's full of delight you are the chapter, the pages, the scent, the binder, the ink, the words, I mustn't blink... you are the book words flowing in sync you are what I read before I dream you... Continue Reading →

~*~ Within Each Page ~*~ (Extended Haiku)

  with each page, I turn the wonderful world of words help me float away. ~~~ sailing on waters climbing rugged mountainsides read by night or day. ~~~ always the same thing, a book takes me to far off lands where my mind can play.     BC 2019 Photo Credit: Pinterest    

~*~ Afternoon Already? ~*~

Hello, and Happy Sunday to you All! Wholly crap!  Since I got up this morning (9:30 am-ish), I have been reading and posting... Plus a half-hour chat with my mother.  It's currently (as I am writing this (1:20pm-ish!) My one main goal today was to clean, and I haven't even started.  The last real cleaning... Continue Reading →

~*~ A Me, Myself & I Day ~*~

Hello, My Friends!  Hope all of you are doing well this Friday Eve.  (Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday). Today I find myself exhausted and drained to be doing much writing.  Heck, I find myself so overly exhausted, that I have taken a mental health day off for myself.  Yesterday and all the days leading up... Continue Reading →

Busy, Busy, Busy Day 06/19/18

Hello, All My Friends!   I hope this post finds you all well, and in good health both mentally and physically.  I honestly feel like I've been neglecting reading all of your blogs lately, and I do apologize for not getting around to all of you. I took off most of last weekend to rest and... Continue Reading →

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