“Mom Always Say’s…” (Poem)

"Mom Always Say's..." (Poem) "Hustle your Bustle!  You don't want to be late for school!" my mom would emphasize, or... "Don't let the bed bugs bite", as I lay my head down at night... "Gee, mom... Thank's for the fright." Moms unique phrases used all throughout my life, ring true to this day and each and... Continue Reading →

REBLOG: Rory, of “A Guy Called Bloke”, shares a poem in which he wrote of a traumatic period in his life. He has allowed me to repost it here for, Week #18 of “Working on Us” Topic: PTSD/CPTSD

Forgotten Years  – A Writers Sorrow Many years now has it been, That l last l looked upon your face, Beautiful eyes of sharp hazel green, You smiling your warm embrace, Golden rays alighting upon your hair, Rich full lips and of coupling did we share, First sight and our hearts did mesh, And joys... Continue Reading →

“What Remains” (Poem)

  "What Remains" (Poem)   Beneath the shade of the rustic sycamore,  the glistening of gold reflecting off the placid pond of peacefulness holds memories so dear. My fingers trace over the weathered bark, engraved initials etched within a heart from many years passed; Alone, somewhere in a hidden memory, descends one single tear.   ... Continue Reading →

“Falling For Fall” (Poetry)

"Falling For Fall" (Poetry) The wind on the water, a rippling creek a symphony of cardinals and goldfinches fine-tuning their chirps and squeaks Falls foliage captures the sunlight amber, orange, and maroon, all seemingly ignite A tall maple release leaves like confetti and they drift downward, descending resting in the rippling creek, drifting steadily A... Continue Reading →

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