~ PTSD – Harsh Reality ~ (Poetry)

Triggers - Fragments, bits, and pieces, visions obscured, anguish tearing you apart. Images keep resurfacing, streaks of bright colors, voices linger in the dark... People, places, past, and present. Devastation and utter turmoil, intensity escalates, subconscious reeling; In a blip, suddenly awake shaken, confused, a little misplaced. Sweat beads above your brow, breathing impaired... Flashbacks;... Continue Reading →

~*~ Boogie Man ~*~ (Poetry)

inconsolable mammoth tears stream down her flushed cheeks memories of him flashbacks of yesteryear suddenly reappear in the dark shadows of the night gripping her pillow for comfort until mommy consoles her... it was after all only a nightmare "no mommy, it was the boogie man." she pleads aloud he would steel her childhood he... Continue Reading →

~*~Dread ~*~ (Poetry)

Ambushed by tainted memories penetrating the dark night. imaginary, fantasy, or terribly desperate dreams of calamity spinning your mind into a woven dark sphere; an insomniacs fears... Dreading the pillow in which your head lays upon each night as the moon peaks through the blinds. Dreading the covers may engulf you, strangle you. Finally, you... Continue Reading →

~*~ Remains ~*~

    emotions linger do I dare breathe in the air thoughts of you remain.   your memory haunts yet, still, it is comforting visiting dreams claimed.     [Picture courtesy of Google Images]  

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