~*~ In The Moment ~*~ (Poetry)

  Tangled, intricate webs are woven in the crevices of our minds. Memories of life flashesΒ  like distant sparks reminding us that there was laughter mixed with sorrow. The should have's... could have's... and would have's... linger still between our hearts and souls. Too many yesterdays to remember and many tomorrows to be had. Let... Continue Reading →

~*~ Make The Most of Every Moment ~*~

Β  "Sometimes I would rather have people take away years of my life than take away from a moment." ~ Pearl Bailey ~   ~*~Β πŸ€—Β ~*~Β πŸ€—Β ~*~   "You are younger today than you ever will be again.Β  Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow." ~ Anon. ~   ~*~Β πŸ€—Β ~*~Β πŸ€—Β ~*~   "Growth itself is a... Continue Reading →

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