Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change

Hello, All!   Welcome back to "Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change"  Happy July 1st!  Can you believe it's July?  I've been looking forward to July since June began.  LOL! 😉  I was actually thinking about this the other day, it's quite uncomfortable to be an adolescent at the age of 53.  What I mean by this,... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change

Photo ~ Unsplash ~ Silvia Agrasar   Hello, and Good Day to you all! (No worries, the "Exorcist's",  Linda Blair, is not going to appear in this post today).  🤮 LOL!  I want to express my sincerest apologies for my meltdown yesterday, but I also want to convey my genuine appreciation to you guys who truly... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change

  Hello! Happy Monday to Each and Every One of YOU! This week, on "Mindfulness Monday" I'd like to cover the topic of Balance.  (I don't mean balancing your checkbook either. 😉)    Speaking from personal experience, a balance was not a strong suit of mine back in the day.  In fact, I was way off... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make A Change

Hello, All!  Happy Monday,  I hope that all of you enjoyed this past weekend and are fully relaxed and that your batteries are recharged for the upcoming week ahead of us. Last week, I shared something rather personal and a bit unpleasant with you in regards to my self-care routine.  For the majority of last... Continue Reading →

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