~*~ Romantic Rhapsody ~*~

  As I observe the younger version of myself through the looking glass of memories gone by... I am left with souvenirs of romantic rhapsodies of us dancing in velvet green meadows under periwinkle blue skies. Our destination was everlasting, a love so new and enchanting as if  we were a creation of patterns skipping... Continue Reading →

WYF – Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is "The Notebook" written by Nicholas Sparks.  Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.  A love story that I wish I lived in real life.  One of the most romantic movies I have ever seen.  Released back in 2004.  I naturally read the book first and saw the movie later, and the movie... Continue Reading →

~*~ Performance of Romeo & Juliet ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Quartet     Rehearsals had been completed the performance began that evening. The Elizabethan stage was crawling with actors over every inch, men in their finest robes and young boys in dresses. ~ A tragedy of two lives love is torn apart, one remains standing over her loves deathbed as the quartet... Continue Reading →


  Sublime was your touch exuberant was our hearts beating as one soul.         [Picture provided by Unslpash.com - Bruce Hong]

~*~ You Were ~*~

  You were the light in my darkness, the sunshine in the rain, salvation to my destruction, the silver lining in the clouds, the beauty opposite to the ugliness, a cushion when I'd fall, the smile versus to my frown, you literally turned my world around. For all the things you were to me... My life... Continue Reading →

~*~ Second Chances ~*~

Times have come and gone like winds blowing clouds about, a dance so soft and pure. Sands through an hourglass or filtering through your fingertips that used to intertwine; Love that has passed. I'm reminded of a portrait when glances weren't arduous, car windows opaque in a steamy embrace, evenings of removing black lace. Was... Continue Reading →

🎼💖💋 February 9, 2018: Friday Frolic – Valentine’s Day Edition 🎼💖💋

Hello Friends,  Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I thought I would share some romantic tunes.  I do hope this makes your hearts beat.  https://youtu.be/rxXPV144DOc?list=RDOe2UXqFo0DY&t=41 This song was always a guilty pleasure, I never wanted to reveal that I had loved this song when I was in a relationship.  LOL!  😍 😘  https://youtu.be/eM213aMKTHg?t=45 And, yet again...... Continue Reading →

~*~ Interlock ~*~

Symbolic acts of  Affection Bonding, binding Two hearts  Beating as one. Padlocks  Over the waterway Bridging gaps Fingers intertwined Sentimental  messages to last through to the end... 🗝 💘      

~ Namesake ~ 💞

Do you remember  A time not so long ago My heart was aglow? Memories so dear, Actually too clearly Until swept away. Alone and afraid I remained to keep your name Token of our love.

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