“Trails End” (Poem)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo Thursday Photo Prompt Feature:  My entry is below the photo prompt.   "Trails End" (Poem)     Myriads of green pastures besiege my weary mind, my journey ceased when  stumbling upon an old post of some kind. Dusty cobwebs and old twisted nails no direction to indicate  East, North, South, or... Continue Reading →

~*~ Come Back to Me ~*~

  Did my eyes deceive me... were you in my dreams or my reality? Awakened, I shutter. eyes wide shut you were there, standing right beside me. You reached out and held my hand, I could have sworn I felt your soft touch. I looked into your eyes, or, so I thought; but it was only... Continue Reading →

~ Cursed ~

  Words jumbled swimming in my head thoughts scattered about my mind experiencing a drought. And, here you are... Staring me down a daunting task for the right words to be written down. You'd rather sit there cursor blinking and  cursing me out. Tomorrrows another day, I hope my words come out to play. This writer's... Continue Reading →

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