~*~ Flirtatious ~*~ (Poetry)

Flirtatious     Masqueraded behind her mask, bejeweled  was her almond eyes, smokey grey she glanced 'round the room with a longing to just see him once. Heart pulsating as the band played, another toast of champagne.  Suddenly, he caught her eye... He pressed his way through the crowd only to see her mask tumble... Continue Reading →

~*~ Outer Beauty ~*~

  Adrift silent seas Fractured thoughts of fears, and dreams one dark and lonesome eve ~ Lascivious heart her oracular power swooned by men at sea ~ Her untamed desire intrigue, of becoming a a woman on land ~ For men did not see her inner strength and beauty outside washed away     [Picture... Continue Reading →

~*~ Whimsical Touch ~*~

  Quietly she sat with her toes being tickled, the streams trickling over moss covered river rock. Red-winged blackbirds and tufted titmouse singing a sweet melody in tune with her beating heart, as the warmth of the sun touched her moist glistened lips.     [Picture provided by Pinterest]    

Greener Fields

Myriads of green Tickling of my feet and toes Longing for Springs dance   [Picture provided by Unsplash.com - Thomas Pierre @shutterrescues]

Bitter Blast

Blanket in woolen clothes From head to my tippy toes Hot tea sounds yummy ~ Winters unending Blast to last forevermore Sullen thoughts at bay ~ Long for warm sunshine To caress my bare shoulders Happiness is craved   [Picture provided by unsplash.com]

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