~*~ Westward Winds ~*~ (Poetry)

Westward winds swirling, I can imagine the words twirling from the debts of his mind as he dips his quill forming a tapestry of all his emotions and reverie... Words were written skillfully, as they float through theย  Westward winds, so gracefully.     Photo Credit: Shutterstock            

~๐Ÿ’•~ Forever ~๐Ÿ’•~ (Extended Haiku)

ย  A blank stark canvas my mind's eye paints a picture when we're together. Memories still bring you close to me after death do us partedย ways. Believing that in Heaven, we'd meet again and together, forever.     [Picture courtesy of Google Images]    

Little Pen

    poetry potions always carries my notions profound emotions.         [Picture provided by Pinterest]  

~*~ Come With Me… ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Imagination   Imagination floats on a minds wings of creation soaring, reaching, stretching outward toย new destinations. touching one's soul on an emotional plane... Expanding distant lands of rolling hills, valleys, and snow covered mountain tops; Cascading down snowy cliffs, swiftly taking flight above clouds towering above. Imagination, coming to one's salvation in... Continue Reading →

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