“Journey of Renewal” (Poem) Thursday Write Photo Challenge/Journey – Word of The Day Challenge: Wish and Endless, FWOC: Newbie and Authentic

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a green hill against a misty, grey sky. Across the top of the hill strides a strangely proportioned figure. His head is bowed and he is carrying a staff.   "Journey of Renewal" (poem)   The journey was endless, he was a newbie in discovering  his way to finding his authentic self. Through... Continue Reading →

“Dragonflies” (Troiku)

"Dragonflies" (Troiku - 3 Haiku Poetry)   the translucent wings fluttering and twinkling, catches suns shimmer.   dragonflies darting wings waft on a summers breeze, like fairies glimmer.   a transformation is in sight, an instant, hope; those never dimmer.   BC 2019 Photo Credit:  Pinterest  

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