Daily Prompt: Varnish ~ My Version of “The Wizard of Oz”

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  Love kills

The Tins man had forgotten to give the Tinman a heart, as the story goes.
One day he was in the forest chopping wood when it began to rain,
and his metal exterior became rusted and tarnished.
There, the Tinman remained frozen in place,
until one fine day, Dorothy and the Scarecrow happened upon him.
“Erl” the Tinman murmured from his rusted lips… “Erl.”
Scarecrow scratched his head when he questioned,
“Dorothy, who the hell is Earl??”
You see, the Scarecrow didn’t have a brain…
As Dorothy glanced around she saw the oil can sitting on a stump.
“He needs Oil!”, she exclaimed; “Hurry!”
They passed the oil can about, a squirt, squirt here and there,
applying oil to the Tinman’s mouth and limbs.
The Tinman then explained how he was built without a heart. 
 After the Tinman’s performance,
“We’re off to see the Wizard,  The Wonderful Wizzard of Oz!”
skipping their way down the yellow brick road.
Along the way, they came across the Cowardly Lion
They, of course, invited him along; 
Hell, couldn’t just leave the scaredy cat behind.
Skipping their way down the yellow brick road…
“We’re off to see The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!”
After fending off the Wicked Witch of the East, from beyod every corner,
they finally reached The Emerald City.
green                                                                                                                                                                                 More  A glorified Spa cleaned up their new guest in preparation for meeting The Wonderful Wizzard of Oz.  Dorothy and The Cowardly Lion had their hair curled up, The Scarecrow stuffed with new hay and the Tinman got buffed up with new varnish, to display a new shiny exterior of a man.
As Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion entered the hall in which the Wonderful Wizzard’s bulging, angry head danced upon the fire, he bellowed he would grant them their wishes, if only they killed off the Wicked Witch of The East, and bring back proof.  
As a kid, the Wicked Witch scared Liza Jane. She couldn't watch the movie until she was a teenager.
So, off they went down that damn yellow brick road once again singing, “We’re off the see the bitch that wicked old witch!”  
It wasn’t an easy task to beat flying monkeys and the troops at the gate, in fact, they all got cornered in a compromised place within the wicked old castle.  
Okay, this is where it gets a bit sketchy to me;  why was there a bucket of water on this landing?  I haven’t got a clue, but quick thinking struck when the Wicked Witch of The East set Scarecrow ablaze, Dorothy picked up the mystery bucket of water to put out the flames but hit the Wicked old witch as well.  There the Wicked Old Witch of The East scream out, “I’m melting! I’m melting!” 
“Yay!  The wicked old biddy was finally dead!”  They all sang out loud; as they pranced their way back to the Wizard of Oz to grant them all their wishes.
By now,  those damn ruby red slippers were forming blisters on Dorothy’s tired feet, as they scurried up the yellow stone cobble road. 
Dorothy's Ruby Slippers -"The Wizard of Oz", 1939.  °  They finally reach the Emerald City and Toto uncovers ‘The Myth, The Man’; that creepy old Wizzard that promised them that he would grant them their wishes.  Scarecrow got his degree, Tinman, a heart beating necklace, and Lion a medal of courage.  
Dorothy, on the other hand, was left to cry only wishing she could go home,  back to her Aunty Em, but the Wizard couldn’t perform his last wish.
Ah, the translucent bubble drifted downward from the skies above, and Glenda The Good Witch explained to her… “Silly little ninny, you were wearing these magic ruby red slippers after you killed off the Wicked Witch of the West, weren’t you even listening to me at the beginning of the movie?  You could have been out of here already, if only you listened back then.  All you have to do is click your heels, and repeat after me:  “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, and you’ll leave this colorful place, and return to the dust bowl you refer to as home.”
Dorothy then said her goodbyes to her traveling companions.  Scarecrow wished he didn’t have a brain to feel the pain, Lion balled his eyes out, and Tinman’s heart began to break and tarnish all over again.  She handed him his oil can and told him to pick up more WD-40, and lube up. 
Dorothy hugged them all goodbye, clicked her blistered feet encased in her ruby red slippers and repeatedly said;  “There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home” and she had awakened back in black and white with Aunty Em, and family surrounding her.   
 ¿Quién no recuerda la celebre frase "Toto, creo que ya no estamos en Kansas"? Expresión que da inicio a las aventuras que viven Dorothy y su perrito Toto en el clásico filme El Mago de Oz, cuando, ...

The End…


Daily Prompt: Zoo ~~ The City is a ZOO!

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New York City -  I lost 23 POUNDS here! http://www.facebook.com/events/163842343745817/ #products #fitness

Ah, New York City.  Some may call it the largest melting pot, others call it a zoo.

I never got to go when I lived in NYC. I love going to zoos.

When you think of New York City, you naturally think of skyscrapers, traffic, and thousands of people, right?  Well, yeah, that is true.  However, it also holds some of the most beautiful, scenic parks and zoos.

The Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in North America, priding itself on wildlife conservation and the goal to connect people to wild nature. The logos represent this by meshing wildlife silhouettes with the city skyline of New York. The use of negative space nicely incorporates together the wild life zoo residing within the concrete jungle of NYC.This baby Snow Leopard at the Bronx Zoo practices her pouncing skills, with her mom K2 as the target. See VIDEO of the cub at play and learn how zoos are saving rare animals on ZooBorns.com and at http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2017/10/attack-of-the-snow-leopard-cub.html

Everything you need to know about visiting the Bronx Zoo (2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10458). Located in the Bronx, NY, this massive attraction is the larges

The Bronx Zoo is such a fun place to visit and educational as well.  Families and Schools alike take children there all throughout the year.  There are always new activities and even wild animal shows.

Visiting Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden // Brittany from Boston

A hop, skip, and a jump away from the zoo, is the New York Botanical Gardens.

Visit the Central Park Zoo and other amazing sites in New York City on your next vacation! Contact Eva Greenwald to help plan your next trip at 203-221-3171, 800-499-7245, egreenwald@cruiseplanners.com

Smack dab in the middle of the New York City is Central Park and the Central Park Zoo.
central park zoo pictures - Bing Images  Personally, my favorite place to visit there is where the penguins play.  I seriously could watch them all day.  🙂

Central Park Zoo - Central Park, NYC

Pinterest: laurenntthor

Ah, yes…  NYC can be a jungle that is for sure, but it’s Zoos are a fun and exciting place to visit the real animals.  (Hahaahaaa!)  🙂

Daily Prompt: Knit ~ Dedication To My Great Aunt Ruthie ~

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It was the beginning of the Summer, 1977, after my grandparents sold their home to my family, and moved their way to Sarasota, FL., a good 3000 miles away.  My Mom and I were completely heartbroken after saying our ‘goodbyes’.   It would never be the same again, visits so far and in-between and writing lots of letters.
Being uprooted from a home I truly loved, all my friends and losing my best pal ‘Rags’, my furry friend, I was not the happiest kid in a new part of the town.  In retrospect, I guess the timing could not have been better, at least the following September I would be starting a new middle school, where a lot of the students didn’t know one another, and we would all be making new friends together.  
The Summer started off with feelings of loneliness, heart filled with sorrow and sudden case of boredom.  Too much had changed in such a short period of time, and I was bummed out all of the time.  It was suggested, that I visit with my Great Aunt Ruthie who lived rather close to us.   I’d roll my eyes at the thought, “What was I to do there for crying out loud?”  My parents reiterated by coaxing me along, “Beck, she has an in-ground pool.  You would have fun over there.”  –  “Yeah, right”‘  I exclaimed, marching off to my bedroom that I now had to share with my little rambunctious sister.  ‘Oh, the humanity!!!’
One day, my Mom drove me over to my Great Aunt Ruthie’s home.  She welcomed me in and tried to cheer me up, but my eleven years old attitude was not falling for it.  So, she sat down in her chair and turned on the TV, probably trying to figure me out.  “Do you have a favorite show?”,   she asked ever so sweetly, peering over her glasses that sat on the tip of her nose.  “Nah”, was all that I could reply, as I scrunched down on her sofa.  “Well, how about this, we will watch the ‘Price is Right”, and then I’ll make you some lunch?  does that sound okay?”, she merrily said.  “Sure”, as I dismissed her.  Thinking to myself,   ‘Oh, yeah, this was a great idea Mom and Dad!  This Summer’s gonna suck!’
As Bob Barker closed the show, Aunt Ruthie lead me to her kitchen and had me sit in this little nook facing old New Market Road.  “What do you like to eat Beckie?”, as she searched in her refrigerator, then cabinets.  Exasperated from boredom, I replied in a drawling tone.  “I don’t care, anything I guess.  Thank you.”   (Although I was a pissy little thing, it didn’t mean I couldn’t be polite).    “Well, do you like tuna fish?”,  as she pulled down a can.  “Yeah, that sounds good.”  As I watched kids riding their bikes past the window, wishing I was them.  “Tuna it is then!”, she sounded so excited.  “Has your mother ever made you a tuna melt before?”, as she mixed the tuna and mayonnaise in a bowl.  “I don’t think so?”, I thought to myself.  “Well, I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite’s, I’m sure you will just love it.”  She gleefully stated, as yet another group of kids rode past her kitchen window.
 Get Food Network Kitchen's Tuna Melt Recipe from Food Network  A few moments later she placed a dish in front of me oozing of melted cheese over tuna on an English Muffin.  I then thought, ‘This looks pretty darn good, I definitely never had this before.’  As we sat there in the little kitchen nook looking out over the street, and passerby’s, we shared a lovely talk about the things that she had made her children eat when they were little. She and I cleaned up together, and I complimented the chef.  It was one of the best things I’d ever had for lunch.
“How about you go upstairs and change into your bathing suit, and I’ll meet you out back?  It’s a beautiful day, and we shouldn’t let it waste.” , as she gathered a towel from her bathroom, and out the back door she went.  I scurried up the stairs,  changed my clothes as quickly as  I could, I hurried out the back door, and followed the long path to her pool just beyond the gated fence.  I just stood there in amazement as I looked at this amazing in-ground pool.  It was enormous to me, something that of Olympic size.  (Of course it wasn’t that big, but heck, I was eleven.  What the heck did I know?)  Aunt Ruthie guided me down at the shallow end and said she would teach me how to swim. Believe it or not, I learned how to swim in just one afternoon.  I still couldn’t swim without holding my nose, but I was at least swimming and not drowning in the deeper end.
Aunt Ruthie removed herself from the pool and dried herself off.  She kept a watchful eye on me while still giving advice on how to keep my self afloat.  ‘Wholly crap, I’m swimming!’ I thought to myself.  ‘This Summer might not suck after all’.  Every day that week, I would ride my bike to her house.  We’d watch the “Price is Right”, have our lunch together, and I’d jump in her pool.  
One day, as I was swimming around pretending to be a mermaid, I noticed my Aunt Ruthie was working on something in her lap.  Being the curious thing I always was, I slowly got out of the pool, dried myself off, and wandered over to where she was sitting.  “What are knitting, Aunt Ruthie?”  I inquired.  “Oh, honey, I don’t knit, this is called crocheting.  You use two needles to knit, and I use one.  Here, sit alongside me, I’ll show you”, as she pointed to a chair.  It was right at that moment, I was hooked (No pun intended), I was so fascinated how fast she was working on a scarf for the upcoming Autumn season.  I silently watched her soft hands pull at the yarn, and create such intricate stitches.  I guess she realized I was so drawn in because she asked me, “Would you like to learn how to do this?  I could teach you.”  I answered immediately with excitement, “Yes, I want to learn how to do this Cro, Cro…”, “Crocheting, dear”, she quickly corrected me.
 Master the Single Crochet Stitch with This Helpful Tutorial ✿⊱╮Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/✿⊱╮
 The following day, she leads me into her basement that had shelves filled with yarn, every color imaginable.  I was completely awestruck.  She told me to pick out some colors that I liked, and she grabbed a few different size needles.  We went back upstairs and sat down in her living room.  
My Aunt Ruthie, patiently sat with me each day teaching me new stitches and techniques.  She never went used a pattern, she simply made things her own way.  She took me to “Bradlees” a department store back then and took me to the craft section to pick out yarn for the very first project.  I wanted to make my Mom an afghan.  My Aunt thought I was a bit too ambitious to work on such a large project from the start, but she guided me every step of the way until I had it down to a science.
For what seemed to be the worst Summer ever, was filled with lessons and new experiences.  After a few months of making the afghan for my Mom, it was finally completed.  My Mom loved it, and to this day, has it laying on top of her hope chest down in Florida.
My Great Aunt Ruthie was such a kind and warm woman.  She took the time to teach me many things that Summer, that I will never forget.  I make tuna melts just the way she showed me, I still swim, and I have continued to crochet for 40 years.  I have made hundreds of scarfs, pillows, afghans and Christmas stockings.  That Summer of 1977 was one that I will always cherish until the day I die.  God Bless her for all the gifts she taught me.



The first picture is the afghan I am currently working on.
The second & third picture courtesy of Pinterest.

Daily Prompt: Clutch ~ Barbie & Ken’s Not So Perfect Life ~

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1962 Barbie & Ken

Barbie dyed her hair a reddish brown,
‘wear it up or brush it down?’,
to meet with friends across town.


While Ken awaits,
his patience starts to elevate,
“Because of you, we’re gonna be fucking late!”
Barbie paces back and forth,
wanting badly to clutch at Ken’s throat. 
“Don’t you worry, you old goat!”


“It’s not like you have to wear an evening gown,
we’re simply going to town!”
Ken gritted his teeth, with a frown.


Barbie finally found a dress with flair,
vintage and rare.
“An updo with my hair”, she declared.


Accessorized with a gold pimple belt,
and a matching clutch purse,
‘No need for Ken to continue to curse.’


Barbie rushed down the stair,
with minutes to spare…
Only to find Ken fast asleep, in his chair.


“If he only had balls, 
I’d kick em’ so hard!
Oh, but that’s right, he has nothing at all!”

Daily Prompt: Gremlins ~ Short, Not So Sweet ~

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Sarcastic Sunday laughter  A sardonic picture gallery  PMSLweb

At this moment, this caption says it all…
A few simple rules.
Keep em’ dry,
or they’d multiply.
No feeding after midnight,
do you want a fright?
The same should have applied
with this little gem…

amc gremlin | 1975 AMC Gremlin - Overview - CarGurus

The 1975 AMC Gremlin.