Weekly Song Challenge – Round 19

Hi, All!  Here is my song selection for Laura's of "Lauravent69"  weekly challenge.   It is that time again! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I created this challenge just to have a little bit of fun. Music is my soul, so naturally, I would create a challenge centered around it!! Let round 19 begin!!... Continue Reading →

🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻February 2, 2018: Friday Frolics 🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻

Happy Friday All!!!  It's that time again, to get up an boogie!!! https://youtu.be/jvipPYFebWc?t=70 FUN MUSIC FOR ALL GENRE'S HERE WE COME!!!   https://youtu.be/OPf0YbXqDm0?t=61 https://youtu.be/XNQF9nZncPA?t=17 https://youtu.be/aE2GCa-_nyU?list=PLn12uJ5Bc1Y1MXuR9G43PxGDGAKs4lEtI&t=100 https://youtu.be/LuN6gs0AJls?t=32  IF YOU EVER HAVE ANY REQUEST, PLEASE SUBMIT THEM ALL THROUGHOUT THE WEEK AT (beckie0317@gmail.com) https://youtu.be/LR4XNqrqxrU?t=9 https://youtu.be/ru0K8uYEZWw?t=36  HEY ALL!  HAVE AN EXCELLENT WEEKEND!!!!  HAPPY T.G.I.F. TO ALL!!! Beckie  ... Continue Reading →

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