🎼 Fri-Yay Frolic Time!🎼Bloggers Music Video Request to Kick-Off The Weekend! – (Look at what’s making a comeback!)

Hi, All!  Lately, I have given this some thought.  However, this thought includes feedback from YOU!  Yes, all of you.   Some of you may or may not remember the "Fri-Yay Frolic Time" (Bloggers Music Video Request to Kick-Off The Weekend)  And, there are several new followers that are scratching their heads asking themselves, what the heck... Continue Reading →

🎼 Fri-YAY Frolic Time! 🎼

Happy Friday to All!!!  We made it!!!  Another long week has finally come to an end!!! I promise there will be no bitching in the following post.  I think I've done that enough over the span of several months, and I'm putting that aside because It's... "Fir-Yay Frolic Time!!!" I want to thank the bloggers... Continue Reading →

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