~*~ 🧡 Friday Affirmation 🧡 ~*~

It's difficult to avoid the negative in our day to day lives, heck, just turn on the news.  However, I try with all my might to focus on the positive in my life and practice gratitude for all the things that I have. ~ Beckie ~   [Affirmation provided by Pinterest]

~*~ New Year & New Outlook ~*~ (Part 3)

Good Afternoon, All.  So how is everyone doing on this we call "Hump Day?"  I'm doing fairly decent all things considered.  I just arrived back home, after spending a not so fun day running all over Somerset County, New Jersey.  The Meteorologist is claiming that we are supposed to get another snowstorm, and it completely never... Continue Reading →

~ Breathe ~

Anxiety pumps through my veins, causing me great unease through my brain.   Silently, I panic; Triggers, twist and churn my nerves, afflict emotions.   I'm a mental mess thoughts eroding the fabric  of what's left behind.   Shattered shell of me remains, fighting for a chance; Breathe in, and breathe out.   My medications finally... Continue Reading →

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