~*~ A Me, Myself & I Day ~*~

Hello, My Friends!  Hope all of you are doing well this Friday Eve.  (Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday). Today I find myself exhausted and drained to be doing much writing.  Heck, I find myself so overly exhausted, that I have taken a mental health day off for myself.  Yesterday and all the days leading up... Continue Reading →

~*~ Barriers ~*~

    Imbroglio of my own misunderstanding negative empowers this light of day in the confines of this darkened kind   A paroxysm denied by my own mind quieted for reasons unknown although invited time after time   Questions arise why put on a disguise an ineffable illusion can't quite put a finger on an endeavor... Continue Reading →

🌧 🌧 Gray Day 🌧 🌧

Just another silver-gray day How I wish to be swept away Instead of wasting away, a slow decay. Water flowing rain streaming Wind blowing Willows weeping, and my  mind searches, but flushes away... Along with the silver-gray day.     [Picture provided by UnSplash.com - Eric Jan van Dorp]

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