~ The Crystal Ball ~

Incredibly beautiful and rare French crystal ball on stand circa 1900 from DC member Doe and Hope

Oh, crystal ball,

what do you see?

would you give me a glimpse

somewhere in time,

of what the future has in store for me?


My days are filled with dreams,

nights full of visions.

Emotions trapped inside –

a mental prison,

I plead for release.


Oh, crystal ball,

I can’t cry anymore,

my tears have turned to dust.

I long for a heart that

I can trust.


Oh, crystal ball,

How can I prepare myself?

will I have the strength to

let my guard down, or

will my heart remain on a shelf?


Oh, crystal ball,

what do you see?

I lean in a bit closer, but

all that I see is a 

reflection of me –








~ Don’t Give Up ~

God, Freedom, & Everything USA                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Don't give up.  There is still hope.
You can make it through.
There is a silver lining behind
the clouds that cover your dreams.

Don't give up.  You can win the fight.
Don't feel so blue.
The darkest hour is just 
before the morning light.

Don't give up.  Forge ahead.
There is hope if your're not dead.
Learn to smile through your tears.
Be encouraged, as you fight through your fears.