September 11, 2019 “Working on Us” This Weeks Mental Health Prompts for Blogging Community: Week 15 Topic: Isolation and/or Introvert

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders.  ~💚~ Before I begin Week #15, I’d like to share with you all the participants that had responded to Week #14 – Topic: Relationships and Boundaries.  This topic was suggested by Sadje, of "Keep it Alive", Some... Continue Reading →

~💙 Behind The Window 💙~

Stagnated collecting dust blankly staring out the window watching the world rapidly passing by. People going on about their lives running here, going there; And all I feel is numbness creeping, hidden away in my solitude behind my window to my soul.    

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