~๐ŸŒค~ Daily Affirmation ~๐ŸŒค~

Good Morning, All!ย  As most of you know, I'm a Pinterest junkie.ย  Over the past couple of months of feeling down, confused, afraid, anxious, and overall, pissed off...ย  I was on my Android phone saving positive affirmations and anything else that would entice me to keep plugging along. I thought I would share one of... Continue Reading →

~๐Ÿค—~ Repeat After Me ~๐Ÿค—~

Hello, All!ย  We all need a little pick me up, and I came across this wonderful affirmation for everyone.ย  I myself will not be repeating that I'm sexy because I'm the furthest thing from that.ย  LOL!ย  Just remember that you are fantastic! Take Care & God BLess, Beckieย ๐Ÿค—

~*~ Thursday Affirmation ~*~

I wish I had read this, this past Monday when a panic attack was taking place.ย  God knows I repeated something along these lines over and over again.ย ย  This particular affirmation I printed up for myself, and have hanging in my bathroom in order to remind me that I will be alright.ย  I will work... Continue Reading →

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