“POP!” Pop of Positivity Share #5 Theme: Affirmation That Lifts You Up and A Song That Brightens and Perks Up Your Mood

Hello, All! Happy Friday Eve to YOU!  I want to thank all the bloggers that participated in the last weeks, "POP!" Theme: 3 Songs That Make You Want to Dance and Smile.  You guys, Rocked It! 🤩 ~*~ “What is “Pop!” – Pop of Positivity?” “Pop of Positivity”   It’s based on one simple thing.  “Life doesn’t... Continue Reading →

~🌤~ Daily Affirmation ~🌤~

Good Morning, All!  As most of you know, I'm a Pinterest junkie.  Over the past couple of months of feeling down, confused, afraid, anxious, and overall, pissed off...  I was on my Android phone saving positive affirmations and anything else that would entice me to keep plugging along. I thought I would share one of... Continue Reading →

~🤗~ Repeat After Me ~🤗~

Hello, All!  We all need a little pick me up, and I came across this wonderful affirmation for everyone.  I myself will not be repeating that I'm sexy because I'm the furthest thing from that.  LOL!  Just remember that you are fantastic! Take Care & God BLess, Beckie 🤗

🌟 ✨ Evening Affirmation 🌟 ✨

I hope your evening is filled with peace, hope, and self-love.  Tomorrow is another day.  I pray that all of you have a positive one. Time for me to binge watch "Broadchurch" on Netflix, and try to fall asleep early.  Meeting up with my friends for our personal Anxiety Group tomorrow.  I'm really looking forward... Continue Reading →

~☮️~ Today’s Affirmation/Mantra ~☮️~

I will not allow worry to rule over me.  I accept things for what they are, and will not stress over the obstacles that are in front of me, especially the ones that I do not have any control over.   Beckie 💗   [Affirmation/Mantra - Pinterest]

🦋 Tuesday Affirmation 🦋

There is always plenty to do during the course of a day and week.  I allow myself to take things in stride for my well being, and not burn myself out to the point of suffering more anxiety to run its course. I need to be kind to my mind and body. Beckie   [Affirmation... Continue Reading →

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