~*~ Suicide Survivor ~*~ (Poetry)

  Head held low reminiscing of times not so long ago. When, what, where did time change itsΒ course? I could play the blame game, but that wasn't the source. Life choices and mental stability played their fair share of breaking me down, drinking my life away and the wanting to drown. Those days have passed...... Continue Reading →

~🍷~ Guilty Pleasure ~🍷~

  Poured another drink to take off the edge "I'll quit tomorrow" I would always pledge just one drink was never enough Sipped more and more of that poisonous stuff self-medicated my broken soul ashamed and bewildered my reflection I couldn't behold Hidden the bottles throughout the home tried to seem normal when I wasn't... Continue Reading →

~πŸ’š~ May 2018: Mental Health Awareness Month (Share Because You Care) ~πŸ’š~ Meet & Greet, Friday, May 18th Please Join Us! ~πŸ’š~

As most of you know by now, May is Mental Health Awareness Month.Β Β  But, did you know that there is a large supportive community amongst us bloggers that share this commonality of mental illness/disorders?Β  If you would like to obtain more information, education, and stories of others that face this daily challenge, please join theΒ Meet... Continue Reading →

~πŸ’š~ May 11, 2018: Mental Health Awareness Month’s Meet & Greet ~πŸ’š~ You Shared Because You Cared! ~πŸ’š~

Β Β  Hello, One and All, and welcome to the Meet & Greet for May 2018 Mental Health Awareness Month!Β πŸ’šΒ  Here you can check out some new bloggers that share the commonality of mental illness/disorders and weΒ did this why?Β  Because of us caring about all things mental health, and breaking the stigma that surrounds it.Β  I... Continue Reading →

~*~ You Can Rely On Me ~*~

We may pride ourselves on being spontaneous; A fly by the seat, spur of the moment... Thrill-seekingΒ when no one's peeking. Let's resolve to sit back a few and think a while... Why not find out what we really want during these times of high intensity? Or do we just enjoy pure immensity? Finding the pleasure... Continue Reading →

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