~*~ Oleander Blooms ~*~ (Poem) First Posted December 2017

  The somber sky of darkened grey sullen thy contemplation. It hindered, the solitude of thy creative meditation. Resentful of disturbance tempted resistance, a trial, and error; Seek a new observation. White and pink Oleander, fragrant, poisonous little blooms dampened with raindrops  from above-darkened skies. focal point restored a newly inspired meditation, Breathe in calm. Peace.  ... Continue Reading →

~*~ Time Keeps Ticking Away ~*~

  Hanging on the wall giving away minutes and hours, quietly looking out the window as days pass by, while peaceful surroundings enhance each day's new arrival, a chime, to remind me of times gone by. Each day's new dawn introduces life just one more time; a refreshing breeze blows about, rustling new leaves on... Continue Reading →

~Grand Scheme of Things~

Golden-white luminescent sands shimmering under the warmth of suns gleaming glow merging with translucent seas a rippling tide in hues of blue rejuvenation of   mind, body, and soul quenched thirst by earthly vanity.     [Picture courtesy of Unsplash.com~Jeremy Ricketts] via Daily Prompt: Luminescent

~*~ April 2, 2018: “Serenity” ~*~

Good Afternoon, My Dear Friends.  Hope you all enjoyed the Easter Holiday.     Lately, I've been turning to God and praying for friends, other bloggers, and not really myself.  The way I saw it, was that I started giving up on myself as worthy of prayers.  "Silly, right?"  Well, when I'm under massive stress, I'm... Continue Reading →

~*~ Performance of Romeo & Juliet ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Quartet     Rehearsals had been completed the performance began that evening. The Elizabethan stage was crawling with actors over every inch, men in their finest robes and young boys in dresses. ~ A tragedy of two lives love is torn apart, one remains standing over her loves deathbed as the quartet... Continue Reading →

~*~ Sleep ~*~

  Double edge sword that catches each of my nerves shards full of somber thoughts that simply churns dusk to dawn with hopes of serenity all I want is one evening to sleep peacefully  

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