“The Inheritance” (Short Story)

Lisa read the obituary over a cup of coffee, then laid the newspaper down. Her Great Aunt Elaine, the wicked old witch finally met her demise.  Lisa called her Grandma right away to at least send her sympathies, even though she knew her grandma would probably feel the same way she did. "Hello, Grandma.  I'm terribly... Continue Reading →

“Closure” (Short Story)

The Tuesday evening "Grief Group" was winding down.  Joe and Sandra gathered with a few of the other members to get some coffee and cookies.  "I know that these meetings are hard in the beginning, but they do comfort me by knowing I'm not alone with all these emotions built up." Wes expressed to the... Continue Reading →

“Deers and Jeers” (Short Story)

Towards the end of the summer, it was agreed that the boy-scouts and girl-scouts would join forces and have a campout. They all packed their knapsacks with provisions and each was delegated a chore to gather wood, sticks, and set up their campsite fire for a grand feast of hamburgers and hot dogs. Their Scout Leaders... Continue Reading →

“Memories of Colorado” (Short Story) A New Prompt by The Haunted Wordsmith

Teresa, of "The Haunted Wordsmith" is trying an introductory prompt.  Please read below if you are interested in writing the following prompt she has provided.   My piece will be written below her instructions: Image by Michal Jarmoluk from PixabayThe introductory prompt is: “Take a trip down memory lane and share your best vacation/trip/holiday memory.” I don’t know how... Continue Reading →

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