~ The Crystal Ball ~

Incredibly beautiful and rare French crystal ball on stand circa 1900 from DC member Doe and Hope

Oh, crystal ball,

what do you see?

would you give me a glimpse

somewhere in time,

of what the future has in store for me?


My days are filled with dreams,

nights full of visions.

Emotions trapped inside –

a mental prison,

I plead for release.


Oh, crystal ball,

I can’t cry anymore,

my tears have turned to dust.

I long for a heart that

I can trust.


Oh, crystal ball,

How can I prepare myself?

will I have the strength to

let my guard down, or

will my heart remain on a shelf?


Oh, crystal ball,

what do you see?

I lean in a bit closer, but

all that I see is a 

reflection of me –








Daily Prompt: Patina ~Let Me Be~

via Daily Prompt: Patina

Here are a few things to consider before starting your kitchen renovation project!

I know you’re there, I hear your shallow breathing beyond my bedroom door. 
The need to fend off your intrusion shakes me to the core.
Plagued by memories of a love gone wrong,
Once I was weak, but now I’m strong.
Refusal for a second chance,
I hold my stance.
‘Keep your distance.’
I keep a watchful eye on the patina knob, as you attempt entry.
I don’t dare unlock it, you will never lay another hand on me.
What’s that I hear?  the rattling of keys?
“Oh, my God, just let me be!”

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~ The Breaking Point! ~

insane rainbow

Mind unraveling 

Rapid Pace

Multitude of

Thoughts race


Air thickens

Beads of sweat

Pulse racing






Whither away

Seep beneath

Floor joints

No more misery

Endless rest



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Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks ~ The Discard ~

via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

omg this creeps me the heck out and i love it.    Morose | Illustrator:  Mikrotom

The uninvited, Mr. Morose
clasped his tenterhooks,
exposing the remains
of my broken heart
and shattered mind.
He wrung the last 
droplet of emotion,
poured salt
in the wound,
or was it poison?


His venomous words
spewed from his lips,
‘You’re useless
and serve no purpose
to me.’


Releasing his grip
I fell to the floor
a limp ragdoll
sobbing and


Mr. Morose
towered over me
the smug look on his face;
“I’m done with you…
I want you out of this place.”


Mr. Morose
The monster who once
wanted to wed me,
opened the door,
kicking me to the curb…
Merely a discard.


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~ If It Were Up To Me… ~

diversity hands artwork | hands - stock illustration, royalty free illustrations, stock clip art ...

If it were up to me…

The poor would have riches

The blind would see

The hungry would eat

The children would smile

The deaf would hear

The unfriendly would learn to share

The weakest would grow stronger

If it were up to me…

There would be no more sorrow

There would be no more war

There would be no more pain

There would be no more horror

There would be no more fear

There would be no hardship

There would be no homeless

If it were up to me…

The world would be kinder

The world would be more patient

The world would be more loving

The world would be more accepting

The world would be more harmonious

The world would be more aware

The world would be more united

Oh, how I wish it were up to me…


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