~*~ “G2K” Get to Know Beckie

Who is your superhero?  My Mother hands down! What is their superpower? Her kindness, sweet nature, and unconditional love for her children.  She may be 72 years old, but she is a force to reckon with.  Plus, she is my biggest support system I have in my life. Where was your first kiss? OMG!  you... Continue Reading →

~*~ Narcissistic Asshole ~*~

Not one mirror was safe without your reflection it spawned. Grandiose you'd gloat like a proud little billy goat facing each new day that dawned. You'd build me up to make me your princess in a crown, all to just shred me to bits, and tear me down. You were so convincing, the knight I thought... Continue Reading →

~ Cheating Fool ~

  The declaration of his love was a complication when she first learned there was a wife. How could he? Why would he? be a rat bastard in sheep's clothing to a divorcee and a wife with a knife? Both women vulnerable and taken for granted, silly fool thought he had them both branded. Now... Continue Reading →

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