“Reduced” (Poem) Thursday Write Photo Prompt: Web

Hello, Folks!  Sue Vincent has supplied yet another intriguing photo to inspire. For visually challenged writers, the image shows a suit of armor festooned in cobwebs, standing against a wood-paneled wall.   "Reduced" (Poem) Glittered majestically and deflected enemy arrows, a defensive shield of armor  fully encased metal suit hindered battles, many a warrior died combatting for... Continue Reading →

“Mom Always Say’s…” (Poem)

"Mom Always Say's..." (Poem) "Hustle your Bustle!  You don't want to be late for school!" my mom would emphasize, or... "Don't let the bed bugs bite", as I lay my head down at night... "Gee, mom... Thank's for the fright." Moms unique phrases used all throughout my life, ring true to this day and each and... Continue Reading →

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