🦋 Tuesday Affirmation 🦋

There is always plenty to do during the course of a day and week.  I allow myself to take things in stride for my well being, and not burn myself out to the point of suffering more anxiety to run its course. I need to be kind to my mind and body. Beckie   [Affirmation... Continue Reading →

~*~ Saturday Affirmation ~*~

Today, I choose to relax and chill out because it's raining outside.  A great day to catch up on reading other blogs and hanging with the pets.   Sounds perfect to me.   Beckie 💗  

~*~ Chewing & Spewing ~*~ [Boundaries]

Good Afternoon All!  How are you?  Did you have a good weekend?  I know here in New Jersey, it was nice on Thursday through Friday, almost Summer like. Now, it's back to the bottom dropping out Again, and we are back in the 40's, temperature wise.  Mother Nature, can be so cruel at times.  I've heard... Continue Reading →

~*~ Walls ~*~

  Unraveled illusions feelings that were denied, only by myself. Enmeshing to those that surround me, emotions interrupted by my own boundaries I kept inside, fearful of results of draining in my mind, flowing from lips.       [Picture provided by Unsplash.com - Yigun Tang]      

December 29, 2017: Christmas Light Fiasco

Last evening, my roommate "JK" and her friend "J-whatever", and I went out to drive around and look at Christmas lights.  I don't want to sound critical, but I will (LOL!), don't most people look at Christmas lights before Christmas?  Am I stating the obvious?  Maybe, it's just me that feels this way.   This little ditty... Continue Reading →

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