🎼 Fri-Yay Frolic ~*~ Summer Kick-Off Weekend!🎼

Happy Fri-Yay and Summer Kick-Off Weekend Everyone!  Here are some of my favorite tunes that always reminds me of Summer.  Hope you enjoy them! https://youtu.be/iyzCccndc2w?t=24   https://youtu.be/2s4slliAtQU?t=8     https://youtu.be/l9ml3nyww80?t=7   https://youtu.be/yG0oBPtyNb0?t=7 Hope you all enjoyed a few oldies of my Summer songs to kick-off the season with.  Do you have any favorites?  Write them... Continue Reading →

~*~ Saturday Affirmation ~*~

Today, I choose to remain calm and enjoy the peace of listening to the rain outside my window.  My inner peace means more to me than catching up on doing laundry or chores around the house.  I choose to catch up on the "Reader" and enjoy some good ole relaxation. Beckie   You deserve to relax... Continue Reading →

~*~🤗 Friday Affirmation 🤗 ~*~

This past week started off pretty rough, but I Feel Good today and will carry this feeling with me throughout the rest of the day, and hopefully the next, God willing.  🤗  Feeling good is a precious gift and one that I don't take for granted. Beckie   [Affirmation courtesy of Pinterest]

~*~ Monday Affirmation ~*~

I wish for this, I want that, I want it when I want it now!    What I want and when I want it is not up to me.  I have to have to practice patience.  It's not my timing, it's God's timing.  All good things come to those who wait.   Beckie       [Affirmation source:... Continue Reading →

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