~🍷~ Guilty Pleasure ~🍷~

  Poured another drink to take off the edge "I'll quit tomorrow" I would always pledge just one drink was never enough Sipped more and more of that poisonous stuff self-medicated my broken soul ashamed and bewildered my reflection I couldn't behold Hidden the bottles throughout the home tried to seem normal when I wasn't... Continue Reading →

~ Cheating Fool ~

  The declaration of his love was a complication when she first learned there was a wife. How could he? Why would he? be a rat bastard in sheep's clothing to a divorcee and a wife with a knife? Both women vulnerable and taken for granted, silly fool thought he had them both branded. Now... Continue Reading →

~*~ Panicky Poetry ~*~

  My mind swallowed me whole relentless control over mind, body, and soul. Frightened that I was being engulfed and never to survive, I prayed to God to release me from a panic-stricken mind. Life is very precious, and not taken for granted, but that one evening I felt as if I was stranded, alone... Continue Reading →

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