Hi, my name is Beckie. First off I would like to say, thank you for visiting my website. I never imagined putting myself out there to the public. However, this is a subject that is very dear to my heart, and one that I personally deal with on a day to day basis. I have... Continue Reading →

Part 1, My Beginning

Hi, Everyone... I started my blog on 9-2-16 and shared with you a little about myself. Today, I'm going to touch on Part 1.  My childhood & adolescence. I was born on June 10, 1966, to Gary & Linda.  My father was a police officer in Piscataway, NJ., Mom was a stay at home mother,... Continue Reading →

Anyone Who Knows…

Hi there.  Anyone that is diagnosed with depression and bipolar I & II probably has learned about your "Highs & Lows", Yea..those damn mood swings that take over how you feel.  One can feel so elated over something, or to fall into a severe slump of depression.  When this frame of mind takes control... Hold... Continue Reading →

Part 2: Young, Invincible & Stupidity

Between Mid 1986, and the Summer of 1987 "All about the fun" was wearing me down.  I'm not going to fabricate by stating I was such a good little,  innocent young woman.  I was rather promiscuous, especially after drinking & smoking weed.  Which also lead to losing my friend Barbara sharing the apartment in Woodbridge... Continue Reading →

Part 3: New Marriage & High Hopes

(Looking back to that September 1987, I'm flooded with overwhelming memories. In the current time with this posting  October 23, 2016,   I am having difficulty forming all those memories into words).... The double glass door opened with the sound of the chime sounding through the store, as a young man and his mother entered.... Continue Reading →

Part 4: Pathway to a Trainwreck

My marriage had it's great moments, as well as pretty bad ones.Just like anyone else. I'll spare my readers,  by not getting into all the good, bad & ugly of my marriage.  We had very good years, and we had some pretty shitty ones.  Unfortunately, my marriage did end.  It was a combination of my drinking, and... Continue Reading →

Part 5: Black Ice On A Long Road

Autumn 2007 was as harsh a season could get.  My relationship with Kevin dissolved, and I was heartbroken.  I was fed up with my brother living with me, and not contributing a dime towards the mounting bills.  I was behind on my rent as well as everything else.  My mood deteriorated with each passing day.... Continue Reading →


Back in The beginning of my blogging strictly for Mental Health, I had provided the following list of organizations to assist in times of real danger to yourself and others.   If you or someone you know is suffering in silence, please reach out to one of the sites/numbers provided. I wish all of you a... Continue Reading →

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