The Monday Peeve #12 – 12/2/2019

Hello, All! 

Each Monday, Paula, of “Light Motifs II”, post her series, The Monday Peeve, which is one of my favorite series on Monday.  Why? So simple an answer…Let that shit go!  Just get it all out of your system and start the week off fresh.

The Monday Peeve kitty

UGH!  That white crap is falling from the bleakest of grey skies!  It is stealing my mojo of somewhat being in a decent mood and turning it into moody icicles that feel like little daggers are chipping away at my brain.

Seriously… This weekend my roommate and I were discussing where we want to move to within the next year and a half.  In the beginning, it was North Carolina, then out of the blue, she mentioned Florida.

I am afraid of getting my expectations heightened because that would mean I’d be closer to my mom.  Also, no more white crap.

We spent the majority of the weekend looking online for homes for sale in the North to Mid-Western part of Florida.  My hopes are really up there and I’m so afraid of this plan not ever taking place.  There are so many variables in moving to a whole other state and I truly hope we are able to pull this off.

Maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t go through (SAD) if I moved away from New Jersey Land.

Seasonal Affective Disorder became a huge obstacle in just one week’s time.  I feel so disoriented, moody, lethargic, and dulled from this weather.  I won’t even open the blinds in order to avoid it.  

I know there are several other people out there that go through this too and I feel so badly for people that do suffer from this.  Living in a fog state of mind is no fun at all.

Okay… Now that that is off m chest, moving onward.

I hope everyone has a pleasant and safe week if you are anywhere near the white crap.

Take Care,

Beckie 🥶


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14 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve #12 – 12/2/2019

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      1. The passenger side tire on my car fell off. Basically the control arm on that side collapsed while I was on the highway. I was stranded until the tow truck got there. Now I owe even more money than on my credit card because it will be maxed out and i have to pay some on my own. My tax refund I get soon coming up will help pay most or all of it off thankfully. In 30 minutes my car will be fixed. It’s been at the shop for 3 days. I have needed to ask my friend to give me a ride to work and home

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        1. OMG! Thank God you weren’t injured, it could have been much worst other than money situations.
          I’m so happy you weren’t injured… That happened to my mother several years ago, an she ended up going into traffic. It was terribly scary, but again… at least no one thank God wasn’t hurt during that incident.

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        1. I feel so bad when I keep learning of someone else that sufers with (SAD), it’s so utterly draining. I knew it was going to hit me, but I did pretty good. It didn’t hit me until the end of last week. It should stick around until March. I’m hoping for sooner, but March is usually my break time.

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  1. People in the 1930s were very jolly always singing – play The Sun Has Got His Hat On every gloomy day. Hope the Florida plan takes off – once an idea gets planted in one’s mind the thought of not doing it is unbearable!

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