Mindfulness Monday☮️Make a Change (Part 1 of Part 2) Symptoms of (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder – 12/3/2019 (Part 2) How To Cope and Fight (SAD)

Buddha statue

“Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history.”

~ Joan Wallach Scott ~

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change”, and the month of December.   Welcome to the change in weather, Big Time!

A large group of people within the mental health community suffer from (SAD), Seasonal Affective Disorder.  This is a disorder that packs a punch to our mood something fierce.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): 11 ways to help symptoms

What are some of the symptoms of (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Disabling Fatigue: 

For no apparent reason, your energy drops like a balloon filled with bricks.  Most people with a mental illness will not only feel mental fatigue, but we can also feel the physical drainage and/or pain as well, sluggish, and weighed down. It seems like one little chore exhausts us and we require to lay down like a lump of nothing.

Alienation/Closed Off:

Not that I’m the most social person on the face of this planet, but there are people out there that are, and one of the symptoms of (SAD), is to shut down not only by means of socializing but a loss of interest in things such as hobbies and daily routine activities. Basically, the loss of interest in anything really hits hard.  It can also affect our self-care routine rather hard as well.

Ten proven ways to conquer SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) | Stylist Magazine

Concentration and Focus:

This is something that literally does the most damage to me.  My brain reacts to the dullness and lack of sun outside.  It’s almost as if I’ve gone stupid overnight when the season drastically changes.  Loss of memory, concentration and focus all goes out the window. The inability to make the simplest of decisions is like taking an exam.

Sleep, Too Much? Too Little?:

Changes in sleep patterns affect me starting in late September.  I literally can go either way.  Sleep too much, (hypersomnia), or… My all-time favorite (NOT), sleeping less and less, (Insomnia).  The normal amount of sleep we all require is at least 8 hours of sleep.  Personally speaking, I sleep roughly 2-3 of disturbed sleep.  This means I wake up throughout that 2-3 hours of sleep.  Which leads me to either taking a nap during the day for an hour to boost me back to somewhat normal or the worst scenario, I don’t nap at all, then I (What I call, “Crash”).  A crash is when I sleep for nearly an entire day.  Either way is not healthy.

Finnie's image explores the idea that depression can feel like being under your own personal raincloud

Attitude and No Clue:

When (SAD) affects me, I feel deflated.  It’s like forcing myself to smile.  I won’t have to have a reason for feeling so low, but I do, and I don’t know why.  I get mad at myself for not knowing why I feel miserable.  Nothing changed around me to feel this way, but I haven’t a clue as to why I just want to shut down.  It’s a hopeless feeling because I don’t want to be this way, but how do I break free from the dark cloud over my head?

Physical Pain:

Granted, I already have chronic pain as it is, but oh, my Gawd!  It amplifies this time of year.  Every portion of my body aches, or twinges.  Bones, muscles, everything.  My mom and I joke around calling it “Rice Crispy, snap, crackle, and pop!”, maybe if we added some marshmallows to the mix, we wouldn’t hurt so much. (Yeah, imagine that).


Need I say anything about that?  My eyes roll so much, I’m surprised they don’t fall out of my head.  I become agitated quite quickly, my patience is nil, and I have no way of hiding what I refer to as, “Permanent Bitch Face” – My expression of how I feel cannot be hidden at all.  I almost wish I was like a Mr. or Mrs. Potatoe Head.  I would be able to change my expression so much easier then.  LOL!

$25 Mr. Potato Head Play Set – Toy Story | shopDisney


Let me just put it this way… Nothing is sacred, I’ll eat Peanuts food if he would share.  Weight gain is a huge factor in (SAD), for me, mind you.  I won’t generalize it towards all people who have (SAD).  I’m a huge fan of “Comfort Foods”, cravings, etc… Then by the time, March rolls around, I fall into the regret phase of, “OMG! How did this happen?”, and try to lose weight, but it’s so damn hard. 

Increased Anxiety:

For me, I become quite restless and unnerved.  The hibernation feeling for months starts to affect me and I become quite jittery.  My mind starts racing more than normal and it’s a bit harder to turn it off.


So, I’ve given you a list of symptoms to (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Can you relate to any of them?  Do you believe that you suffer from (SAD)?  

If you feel that you can relate to at least half of what I’ve listed, I’m going to share some suggestions and advice in order to fight (SAD) this season.  I’ve decided to make this a 2 part segment of symptoms and ideas in which we can fight this together.  However, instead of waiting for an entire week passing by and having you wait, I will share some of these ideas with you tomorrow.

Maybe, We can share what works for us as individuals to fight (SAD).  Maybe, we can retrain our brain.  We can at least try it, right?

Shout out to everyone who struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this time of the year. We can make it, one day at a time.

To Be Continued, 12/3/2019…

Thank you for reading.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗


BC 2019

Picture Credit: Unsplash.com ~ Jamie Templeton, Pinterest.



14 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday☮️Make a Change (Part 1 of Part 2) Symptoms of (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder – 12/3/2019 (Part 2) How To Cope and Fight (SAD)

Add yours

  1. Oh Beckie, winters must be very hard for you. I don’t suffer from SAD but I can totally understand what you just described. If possible and if your pain allowed, try to do something physical, like gentle walk. 20 minutes of exercise releases endorphins which cause mood elevation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s why I broke this particular piece into a 2 parter. I do write about what I do to try an break free of (SAD). Trust me, I will do anything to break free of this feeling.
      Tomorrow is the continuation of this post.
      I’ll be fine, I’m just a little moody and not pleased with feeling umpless and no motivation. I’m trying to keep up with the Monday prompts though, so that is helping.


  2. Living in Chicago during the winter is like living in dusk ALL THE TIME. It’s miserable. Gray and different shades of it, from really DARK to semi-dark. My daughter and I both have it. Let me just say that we endure. One day at a time is right. Aside from the cold temps and the wind, the darkness is just the frosting on the cake, believe me. LOLOL No. I don’t know why I’ve lived here my entire life. The sun is supposed to come out for a bit today so I’m waiting for it. People who don’t have this, don’t understand how exhausting it can be. I shut the drapes, turn on every single light in the entire house and put music on loud. Then I lie to myself and say that summer is almost here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, I know that feeling all too well, my friend.
      It started snowing here today, the first snowfall of the season. (Whoopie) 🥶 NOT!
      I do the same thing, lights are on, blinds are closed, essential candles are lit, my salt lamp is on fulltime until the end of March.
      I loathe this time of year because it just wipes out any motivation I have in one clean sweep.
      That’s why I wrote a 2 parter on this topic. I did a lot of reading this weekend with regards on how to try and beat this effing (SAD) crap.
      I sincerely hope it works, because I’ll be trying all the suggestions along with my readers.
      Hang in there… Hopefully, there will be better days ahead. 💓


  3. I’ve never lived where its truly cold (not my wussy 40s and I’m freezing) and dark. I get grumpy when it rains for a few days.
    I’ll be interested to read what everyone does. I dont have SAD, but its supposed to be a wet winter and I may need some of the tips when the skies are grey.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m going to be checked out for that come Jan during my physical. I know there is something else going on other than just body aches and the fog too. Some days are better than others, but now I can’t really tell because of (SAD) symptoms.
          I’m going for the full blood work. By Jan I’ll be the human pin cushion. Can’t wait! (NOT). 🙄😫

          Liked by 1 person

  4. We’ve shared this with each other before, but here it is:

    “So, I’ve given you a list of symptoms to (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder. Can you relate to any of them? Do you believe that you suffer from (SAD)?”

    I relate to all of them. I’d forgotten the horrid weight gain part though, until I tried to put on a skirt that fit just fine last summer and couldn’t get it past my thighs. Yep. Another evil facet of feeling so out of kilter I guess. And pass the mashed potatoes please! I want another helping! 😛

    I know I do. I’m glad someone finally defined what was going on, because I used to feel slightly like I was losing my mind at the end of September and carrying along until March or April the next year. People would comment on how much more grouchy I was and bosses would warn me about my bad attitude all the time. Now I know it’s beyond my control, and all I can do is the best with it I can do. If that’s not good enough, tough cookies.

    I also happen to think/wonder if that’s why people who suffer from S.A.D. are so much more apt to isolate. We KNOW our attitude is ‘bad’, why spread it around and be judged for it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I isolate more during the winter. Then again, I’m introverted.
      Hopefull, the suggestions I share tomorrow will help those who suffer from (SAD), I already implimented it 2 weeks ago, but it does take a little time for all the elements to take place.
      Defintitely read tomorrows post. xoxo!!!!


  5. FYI Salt lamps are dangerous to animals. Cats have died after licking them. I’m not sure about dogs, but you might want to check it our or make sure it’s out of reach. And good luck getting through the winter. Your posts are needed on this subject and I appreciate them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had never heard that before. Personally, I have mine across the bedroom far away from Peanut, who is in a cage.
      I’ll definitely check out to see if there are reports on fatalities to pets from salt lamps.
      Thank you for the FYI.
      Also, thank you fro reading and your supportive comment. I greatly appreciate it!! 💕


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