“First Snow 2019” (Tanka)

Image result for picture of snowing in nj


“First Snow 2019”



first snow of the year

winters mini glaciers form,

glassy lake crackles

too soon for skating,

must wait for a colder day.


BC 2019

Picture Credit: Google Images Lake Weamoconk, English Town, NJ.

6 thoughts on ““First Snow 2019” (Tanka)

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      1. Sunny and 70s is what we usually have. That’s why everything is so dang expensive here. They call it the “Sunshine Tax”. Rent on a little 1 bedroom apartment in a neighborhood where you wont get caught in a gang feud costs over $1000.00 a month😯
        The forecast is for mid-high 60s for the week or so🀞

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