November 27, 2019 “Working on Us” Week #25 Mental Health Blogging Community-Mental Health Series, Topic: Thankful and Grateful

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 


Before I begin Week #25, I’d like to share with you all the participants that had responded to Week #24, Topic: Managing You Mental Health During The Holidays.


Are you dreading holiday stress and dealing with difficult family members this holiday season? The holidays are stressful for many of us. Self-care can help! 7 Ways to Practice Holiday Self Care from Sharon Martin, LCSW, counselor in San Jose.


Here are participants and their posts for Week #24:


Victoria, of “Girl With The Paw Print Tattoo”

Ashley, of “Mental Health @ Home”

Working On Us – week 24 – The Holidays

Caz, of “Mental Health From The Other Side”

Managing good mental health during the Holiday Season

Melanie C, of “Sparks From a Combustible Mind”

Michelle, of “Advice, Mental Health, Personal, and My Life”

Sadje, of “Keep it Alive”

Working on us # 24- Managing Your Mental health during Holidays


Help Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health


I am blessed! I have a amazing man, great children and a very loving family 💖#beyondhappy


November 27th’s. Topic: Thankful & Grateful


That’s right, we are going to keep it lite this week. This is a week you can write anything your little heart desires, you just have to write about something you are thankful and grateful for.




  • Write your own post and create a pingback to the original post here.
  • There are no right or wrong answers.  Write in any format you see fit.  (Answer’s, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poem, short prose…anything, and/or narrative).
  • You can do one or all prompts.
  • You have from November 27th. through December 3rd. to submit your entries.

  • Please reblog the original post in order to spread more awareness.
  • ( If you the blogger have a suggestion/question you want to ask in the future weeks, please submit them in the comment section of this post).
  • Let’s see if we can get some men involved in this week’s prompts, your viewpoint/feelings are validated here too!
  • Plus, as an added bonus, whoever responds to the following prompts will automatically be reblogged to promote your blog site and spread more awareness!


I’ll begin with a simple list:

  1.  I am thankful for having my phone to at least call my mother when we can’t be together during the holidays, let alone any other day.
  2.  I am grateful to my baby boy, Peanut.  (I know you guys must be so sick of me bringing him up a lot), but… He has really saved me and gives me purpose every day.  We have a special bond that only a pet owner can possibly understand, the only difference is that my pet never shuts up. LOL!
  3.  Although it’s in the past, I am grateful to the ones who use to bring me joy and happiness during the holiday season and all year long.  At least I have some fond memories that will last a lifetime.
  4.  I am eternally grateful and thankful to have made some incredible friendships here on Word Press.  Not only do I get to read some heartfelt pieces, funny pieces, pieces of random thoughts, etc… I feel as if you are all my blogging buddy family, and there is no better feeling than that to me.
  5.  I am grateful for having friendships outside of the blogging world.  My roommate JK, and BFF, JT… And, my roommate’s family, the S’s for considering me a part of their family and with whom I spend all my holidays.  God Bless Them!
  6.  Most importantly, I don’t require one day out of the year to share what I am thankful and grateful for.  I can actually count them each and every day.
  7.  Oh, yeah… Avoid Black Friday like the plague.  I’m grateful I have a house to hide in.  LOL!


16 LDS Quotes for When You're Waiting on Blessings to Come


Remember to create a pingback to this original post after you write your own post.  Also, remember that this is not a prompt-based post.  Please write a narrative.  I really look forward to your responses.  Or, maybe I should say “We” all look forward to one another’s responses.


Thank you in advance.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💚


BC 2019

Credits: Google Images, Pinterest

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