Trent’s World – The Weekly Smile 11/25/2019

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Hello, All…

You know, I thought about this yesterday and I thought about it last night…What made me happy last week?  I don’t think that any one thing made me jump up and down and jumping for joy.

I was just happy that the week was quiet, no incidents to throw me off the tracks.  I kept to myself for the most part.  I simply just enjoyed being here with you guys, my blogging buddies.

To be completely honest, you guys give me a reason to smile just about every day and I think that counts for something.  So with that, I say…

Couldn't ask for a better friend. Thanks so much for not just being a silent observer but rather being a friend that knows how to truly help. Love you sis @Rachel Millar


Thanks, Guys!

Love, Beckie


BC 2019

Quote Credit: Pinterest and Youtube

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