The Monday Peeve #11 – 11/25/2019

Paula, of “Light Motifs II”, is the hostess of The Monday Peeve

The Monday Peeve kitty

You know something, I really don’t have much to complain and/or bitch about.

Other than having a cold and experiencing an insomnia crash since Sunday morning, I’m holding it together.  I feel and look like a hit and run victim at this point and will most likely drown myself in tea and sleep some more today.  Or, I’ll be reading and participating in prompts and such for most of the day until I collapse.

I did, however, have two very strange posts/comments that took place since Friday.  One particular blogger I follow is fairly new. (I’m not mentioning names here).  She always wants people to read and comment, heck, she complains that no one ever responds or comments on her blog,  yet never responds to the comments once you make them.  (What’s the point in complaining then?)  I’ve just decided that I’ll read, but I am no longer wasting my time responding to questions again.  Pointless.

Then there was another blogger. Brand new to the blogging world here on Word Press.  He has asked an awful lot of questions pertaining to addiction and mental health.  I even went as far as recommending other blogger sites to help him out.  When I had asked a question, there was no response.  Then the next day, I found that he erased and/or deleted the comments sections from the day before.

I’m not quite understanding what is going on with certain bloggers that ask for help, suggestions, want people to respond, share, etc… If they have no intention of doing anything in return by responding back.  

Heck, I took the time to respond to try and assist… If you don’t want it, don’t ask for it.

Okay, I’m done.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Take Care & God Bless!


15 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve #11 – 11/25/2019

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  1. I have a huge one! WP! I have drafts that won’t publish and can’t even get them to help. I think I’ll have to delete the app and start again. I went through a browser yo see if that would work, no luck, so it’s definitely WP. And now we have to see a Trump’s ugliness ads when looking at posts in email? Omg, now they’ve really screwed up.

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  2. A couple of thoughts (well maybe one thought): Maybe those newbie bloggers don’t have the etiquette down yet or perhaps they’re just like a lot apparently are (nobody I follow, but I’ve weeded such people out), and just doing it to see if they like it. They maybe didn’t like it, so no follow up. I think you’re prudent to choose how to interact with them. YOU choose and then it might not be so irritating. Insulting (to me) yes, but an irritant no. Because you’ve chosen your own course of action.

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    1. The first one I mentioned, has had plenty of time to know better. I assure you of this. Has even been of ‘WOU” a couple of times. Too busy taking selfies of herself now to be bothered answering questions and wondering why she isn’t getting the attention she wants. Enough!
      The other one I chalked up to spam. Delete!


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