Fibbing Friday 11/22/2019

Hello, and Good Day to All!  This week, it is Di’s, of “Pensitivity101” turn to host the Fibbing Friday!  


1. Calendar Girls featured what organization?  To support Hugh Hefner’s Bunny Palace.
2. What is a limpet? Me, after I have smashed my leg into the corner of my bed.
3. Who is famous for saying ‘I didn’t do it?’  Dennis The Menace.
4. What does S W A T stand for? Special Weapons Aimed at Trump? (Could be, you never know for sure these days). 🤭
5. What’s kept in The Tower of London? The Royal’s family jewels.
6. What does running on the spot achieve?  As long as there are no cracks, you won’t break your mama’s back.
7. What is a busby?  A Buzzkill Baby?
8. What is cinder toffee? I haven’t got a clue, but if it involves toffee, I already know I’ll like it!
9. Who is Old Father Time?  Sean Connery 
10. Who shot JR? SWAT team misfired. 


BC 2019

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