Trent’s World Weekly Smile 11/18/2019

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Okay, I know most of you won’t think of this being a big deal or something to really smile about, but for me… It made my whole week.

Most of you know I own an Amazon Yellow Nape Parrot, named “Peanut” – Before you ask, Yes, he talks and rarely ever shuts up.  LOL!

Peanut will be 32 in March and I have owned him since he was 10 &1/2 weeks old.  Three years ago, he became my emotional support animal.  He knows me better than I do at times.  He certainly registers on my every mood and responds accordingly.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful which made my anxiety amp up a few notches.

Granted, most of what Peanut says to me is what he has learned since he was a baby.  Last week, I was holding him and helping him preen some of his feathers on the back of his little head.  He was cooing like a baby, and I was telling him he was being such a good boy.

It was around the time he goes to bed when he indicates that it’s time for “Nite, nite” – But that nite, he looked up at me, and with the most adorable voice said, “I love you so much, mommy.”  One full sentence instead of a few choice words.  

To say the very least, I held Peanut a little longer that evening and we talked and we sang a little before he begged me, “Nite, nite, mommy.”  Okay, time to cover him up.

45 minutes had passed from the time I had covered him and all he kept repeating was, “I love you so much, mommy” – I had never taught him that, ever.  He just put the words together himself and made me smile and cry all at the same time.

Peanut will always be my baby boy. 💗🦜

Thank you,



BC 2019

15 thoughts on “Trent’s World Weekly Smile 11/18/2019

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    1. I’ll tell you, I was shocked. He was leaning into my chest while I was rubbing his little head and kissing his neck… Wheh he said “I love you so much Mommy”, I almost squeezed the poop right out of him. 😍🦜 😘💩
      Don’t get me wrong though… He can be a little pain in the ass too. Telling me off and turning into Linda Blair. Not fun to argue with a tiny green bird. 😠 🤬 He really learned a lot uring my divorce and when I was engaged to the moron.

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