Working On Us Week #22 Rejection And Overcoming Rejection

REBLOG: Michelle, of “Advice, Mental Health, Personal, and My Life”, shares her experience of rejection on Week#22 of “Working on Us” πŸ’š

This topic is one I am too familiar with. Rejection is the cause of my anxiety and depression but it is also the cause of my rejection. I responded to the questions from BeckiesMentalMess prompt.

Have you ever been rejected by family/friends because of your mental illness/disorder?

This is a tough one to answer as I have had no friends for a majority of my life due to my social anxiety. After I lost my friends in Intermediate School, I had trouble making friends.

My family is understanding of my mental health diagnosis. When I dealt with self-harm and my eating disorder, my mom helped find and encouraged me in getting help. Recovering was still difficult because my mom and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on some things. But I still love my mom very much.

At my sisters wedding, I was asked to give a speech by the priest…

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10 thoughts on “Working On Us Week #22 Rejection And Overcoming Rejection

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            1. I’m not on social media either. I have enough aggravation, I don’t need more. LOL!
              Have you ever read this book….
              “The Root of Rejection” By Joyce Meyer. A really good book. I know that I will be re-reading it this weekend, and I might add some points to my other series, “Mindfulness Monday”.
              Please check it out, a lot of advice, and things that really help while in the midst of when situations begin and how to end it.

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