Pop of Positivity

REBLOG: “Team Follow Through” joins us on “POP!” of Positivity with some pretty hilarious TV skits. 😁

Team Follow Through

Originally posted by Beckie:


Pop of Positivity” It’s based on one simple thing. “Lifedoesn’t have to suck all the time.” Let’s face it… There’s a Helluva lot of negativity in the real world, and it’s pretty hard to escape it. I thought of this as a means to brighten up everyone’s day. Taking time away from thinking about the negative and switch gears and think of the positive. Perhaps, we can all share some smiles along the way too.

Her prompt#7 is funny tv skits

My team and I have had many laughs from these particular scenes, I hope you do too!

I love Lucy chocolate scene

Condoms Rose! The Golden Girls

SNL Skit: The Haircut/Baby Shower

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