Addiction – One week no contact!

REBLOG: Michelle, of “Two Pegs On A Line”, requested I share her most recent post about addiction on, “Working On Us”, Week #21 Topic: Addiction and Obsession. ๐Ÿ’š

Two pegs on a line

It may be just small, but itโ€™s still a victory right?!

Yeah, addictions can be tough! I will tell you honestly, this first week has been pretty tough. Going cold turkey is hard.

It starts with the thoughts, and knowing when to either quit that line of thought and cut it dead, or to ask for help when you feel you are slipping. Iโ€™ve done both, many times this week.

It is important for me to get a couple of months under my belt before the new year starts. Last year I tried to start doing everything from the new year, and it was just too much.

I was having some pretty challenging days this week.

Addiction will be worse when you are:





Plans/situations go wrong/disappointments

I have had all these this week to fight against and itโ€™s been a rollercoaster. But then this is myโ€ฆ

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25 thoughts on “Addiction – One week no contact!

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      1. Yes ofcourse. She has all the support from our bloggers community. Ppl going through such conditions surely understand her and support. She is strong and I wish her more strength.

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  1. Different approach letโ€™s seek to understand why we decide to use and why we choose the drugs that we do. After we can discuss a plan of action to help change our social and mental constructs. And seek to grow spiritually to overcome our addictions. Genuine and intellectual conversation only please.


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      1. We are talking about Any type of addiction that one is seeking to overcome and how we can come together as an online community to help identify potential reasons and solutions. Experience is the best teacher. But empirical evidence and psychological education will be applied. Feel free to start a topic of your choice! Thank you beckie.

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        1. Well, my addiction was alcohol for most of my adult life. My sobriety date is August 14, 2015.
          My addiction was a combination of genetics and environmental circumstances.
          I overcame my addiction through group therapy, one on one therapy, and working with my psychiatrist very closely.
          Blogging has been a Godsend. I not only was fighting alcohol addiction, but I was also mentally ill. Again, genetics.


            1. This I know first hand. My ex-finace’ kicked me out during this time, and I was then homeless.
              I would say I fought like hell to build myself back up again. Shortcomings was my middle name since I was a child… I know what it’s like to battle really hard to finally get to this lace now in my life.
              How about you?


          1. always found that when I drank more or used drugs there was always a trigger sometimes it was unconscious that pushed me over the edge and caused me to relapse. Something deep down inside. Until I realized it and brought it to God I was unable to be saved. God gave me the strength to get sober and it is only through his grace that I seek to live another day. Take it day by day. Win the battle each and everyday.

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            1. God is an amazing listener. I prayed quite often and begged for mercy to get through be suicidal and homelessness. To this day, I thank him for everything I have now.
              You can’t just ask for help, you have to thank him for all the hel and guidance he gives you. There are certain people he will put in your life for just those specific reasons. Notice them, appreciate them, be grateful for the lessons.


                1. When I think back to the old ways… I think of destruction. All the burnt ou bridges, the concrete cracking in relationships, the year long constant thoughts of wanting to do nothing more than die.
                  The old ways are just that… Old.
                  When you are feeling at you lowest, and that thought of drugs/alcohol seep into you mind… You need to find new habits to take over. Finding God is definitely important. However, you need a back up system.
                  I find that this blog saved me. I’m on here for almost 8-12 hours a day working on my series for mental health (which also included addiction). Let me look up the link, and I will forward it to you.

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