When I switch, how my family handle it?

REBLOG: Part 2 of a question I asked in a previous post for Carol Anne, on “Working on Us” and this week#20 Topic: D.I.D.

Therapy Bits

Becky of beckys mental mess has asked me a question which I thought I would answer in a new post here on my blog, rather than in a comment.

She asked me how my family handle me switching…and if they recognise it.

In a nutshell, they arent really great with it. They know of my did, they see it play out every day, but they dont really accept it. I think my mom sorta does, she sometimes does nice things for the kids, but she never acknowledges the kids by name.

But occasionally, she does things that the kids really enjoy, and she’ll often say I’m very child like, or acting childish, but little does she know its actually a young insider whose out at the time.

When parts come out, they dont identify themselves to our family, because they have learned there really is no point. Some years back…

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