REBLOG: Melanie C.. of “Sparks From a Combustible Mind” Share’s her story on “Working On Us” Week #20 Topic: D.I.D.-Dissociative Identity Disorder


This week Beckie has chosen the subject of ‘dissociative identity disorder”   or D.I.D.  That’s a new(ish) term I think…it used to be called ‘split personality’ or ‘multiple personality’ disorder.   At one point I believe it was thought that schizophrenia and D.I.D. were the same, but they’re not.   Distinctly different.

I have no knowledge of D.I.D. except for what I’ve read here (there is one blogger who has D.I.D. and has been generous in sharing her perspectives), and what I’ve seen in TV shows or movies that featured a D.I.D. personality (if you haven’t you might wish to watch the movie “Split”.   It’s totally about a D.I.D. disorder sufferer.  It’s also creepy as hell and although I saw it once, I’ll never watch it again.   Too many triggers in that thing, although from a different perspective from the main character.   “Split” is part of a trilogy of films – the first was “Unbreakable, the second “Split” and the third “Glass.”   Very very ODD premise, but watchable.   To a degree. )

I really got off track.  Okay then back to my post point.   I happen to believe that most TV shows or movies exaggerate mental illness or have such little knowledge of the subject that they FUBAR the disorder they’re trying to have portrayed.   So the version of D.I.D. that I’ve SEEN is probably wildly off base.   

Personally, I have trouble with one reality.   If I had two or five or nine or more to deal with?  They’d have to lock me in a psych ward and throw away the key.   I wouldn’t be able to function.   

I’m looking forward to reading the posts that Beckie will list next week when she shares her response list.   Even though D.I.D. isn’t something I know much about, I find the subject fascinating.

Lastly, I promised Beckie that I’d share a topic or two that I’d like to see examined some time or other in the future.   I’m unsure of how well they ‘fit’ into mental health though.   And I think at least one of them may have been discussed before, and Ashleyleia highlighted ‘Addiction” today in her post.

So my suggested topics are:  “Addiction” and “Obsessions” (without or without OCD).  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the psychiatric illness/character trait/ what have you that is the clinical one.  I’m not sure “Obsession” is a mental health issue by itself, except where it interacts with Compulsive Disorder.  Or maybe it is.   I’m no mental health professional, I’ve just had a lot of experience from the layman side of things with the field. 


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